Kami is a new collaboration between two of Asia’s new wave of contemporary dancer-cum-choreographers, Arifwaran Shaharudin (Malaysia) and Mugiyono Kasido (Indonesia), with set design by Japanese kinetic sculptor Masato Tanaka.

It is a dance work that uses text as a metaphor for exploring issues that continue to haunt the creation of contemporary Asian work. Using words and definitions culled from the Oxford English Dictionary (the language of a former colonial power), parallels are drawn between the tension that exists between language and the reality it represents with that of contemporary Southeast Asian society and its complex heritage.

Divided into five sections, the work is set against a fascinating backdrop of Tanaka’s stage devices and objects, demonstrating that technology can contain a sense of hidden natural beauty beyond bringing about an acceleration of modern life.

10-12 April 2003 @ 8.00pm
Theatre Studio, Esplanade Theatres, Singapore
Tickets: S$20

Workshop with Arifwaran and Mugiyono:
12 April 2003 @ 2.00pm
Rehearsal Studio

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