Dancebox banner image, with logos of TAS, MyDance and klpac.

Dancebox (previously The Dance Box Series) has been running since 2001 as a partnership project between MyDance Alliance and The Actors Studio. A popular and influential performance platform, Dancebox offers one night of dance in The Actors Studio’s theatre, which has moved over the years from The Actors Studio Box underneath Dataran Merdeka, to The Actors Studio Greenhall in Penang, The Actors Studio at Bangsar Shopping Centre (?), The Actors Studio @ Lot10 Shopping Centre, The Actors Studio KuAsh Theatre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and finally to Pentas 2 at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.

The Dance Box Series was originally conceived as a series of monthly dance events organised to showcase a diversity of dance including work by less established, more experimental choreographers. It later morphed into a mixed bill performance presenting works in progress, experimental works by established artists, and new works by emerging artists.

Previous Dancebox Events

Here is a partial list of Dancebox events from our archives. Click on the date link to view more information about each edition.

22-23 August 2020, Pentas 2 klpac
  • ‘Madhava Vandhanam’ & ‘Madhava Kauthvam’, presented by Laasya Arts Academy, choreographed by Guruvayur Usha Dorai
  • ‘Are You a Narc?’, choreographed by Jeremiah Lim
  • ‘Why Not?’, choreographed & performed by Dalila binti Abdul Samad
  • ‘SML’, choreographed by Steve Goh
  • ‘Putaran’, choreographed by Sharm Noh
  • ‘Jue’, choreographed by Chan Kar Kah, performed by Marrow Collective
  • ‘A Reason for Falling’ (Excerpt), choreographed & performed by Hwa Wei-An
  • ‘Wallop’, choreographed by Douglas Philip Labadin
  • ‘Kairos’, presented by The Dance Pulse, choreographed by Kenny Shim
16 December 2019, Pentas 2 klpac
  • ‘Durgaan’, choreographed by Hannah Moujing
  • ‘Ang Buhay, Bumubulwak (Life, Gushing Forth)’, choreographed by Eli Jacinto, performed by TEAM Dance Studio (Philippines)
  • ‘Attempt’, choreographed by Lim Shin Hui and Mak Foong Ming, in collaboration
    with the performers from Beautiful Gate Performing Arts Troupe
  • ‘Shivasthokam’, choreographed by Nritya Bhibhusan Lawrence Sackris with dancers from Angika Fine Arts
  • ‘The Missing Light’, choreographed by Lau Beh Chin, performed by Pin Hwa High School Dance Club
  • ‘HuMel’, choreographed & performed by Lim Pei Ern & Dalila binti Abdul Samad
  • ‘Chaos | Rest’, choreographed by Joanna Tan, performed by Balletbase
  • ‘Gojet’, choreographed by Mamad Hj. Samsudin
7 July 2019,
Pentas 2 klpac
  • ‘Certainly Unsure’, choreographed by Douglas Labadin
  • ‘Saved or Not’, choreographed & performed by Meraki Cía (Spain)
  • ‘reclaim_identity’, choreographed & performed by January Low
  • ‘Coherence’, choreographed by Chan Kar Kah
  • ‘Limbs’, choreographed by Chai Vivan
  • ‘The Virus’, choreographed by Fione Chia Yan Wei
2 September 2018, Pentas 2 klpac
  • ‘Anak Kampung (Son of the Countryside)’, choreographed by JS Wong
  • ‘You’, choreographed by Hafzal Aziz, performed by students & graduates of the Dance Department, University of Malaya
  • ‘Bodies and Creatures of Time’, choreographed by Lim Paik Yin
  • ‘Try — The Dialogue’, choreographed by Leng Poh Gee
  • ‘Pandu Lalu’, choreographed by Muhd Nuriqram bin Azhar
  • ‘New Friend,Old Friend「新·朋友,舊·朋友」’, choreographed by Matt Tan
  • ‘Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul’, choreographed by Fahezul Azri bin Suhaimi
1 May 2018,
Pentas 2 klpac
  • ‘Kaleidoscope’ (excerpts), choreographed by Kim-Sanh Châu (Canada / France / Vietnam)
  • ‘Curated Ideals/Chaotic Reality’ (A work in progress), choreographed & performed by Joanna Tan
  • ‘The Enigma’, choreographed & performed by Maria Devonne Escobia
  • ‘Langgar’, choreographed by Sharm Noh
  • ‘RIDING HIGH TOGETHER’, choreographed & performed by Lee Ren Xin
  • ‘Cut Off’, choreographed by Fauzi Amirudin
  • ‘The Art of Falling’, choreographed & performed by Hwa Wei-An
4 February 2018,
Pentas 2 klpac
  • ‘Nyanyian Bumi’, choreographed & performed by Lim Pei Ern
  • ‘L.I.F.E.’, choreographed by Kyson Teo, presented by Kwang Tung Dance Company
  • ‘Alchemy’, choreographed & performed by Derek Kho
  • ‘Initiate’, choreographed by Suhaili Micheline & the dancers Jill Chew, Rachel Soh & Cheryl Soh
  • ‘Jin Lian《金莲》’, choreographed & performed by Chan Kar Kah
  • ‘The Gaze’, choreographed by Mak Foong Ming, presented by Kwang Tung Dance Company
  • ‘Shift . Body’, choreographed & performed by Lee Choy Wan, presented by Kwang Tung Dance Company
  • ‘High’, choreographed by Faillul Adam in collaboration with the dancers from Fakulti Tari ASWARA
  • ‘Tanah Tumpahnya’, choreographed & performed by Tan Bee Hung, presented by Kwang Tung Dance Company
9 July 2017,
Pentas 2 klpac
  • ‘Tak Ku Tak!’, choreographed by Fahezul Azri bin Suhaimi
  • ‘Almost Lovers’, choreographed by Joyce Chan Suet Mei
  • ‘Hello! Nuts’, choreographed by Beh Chin Lau
  • ‘Outsider Inside’, choreographed by Dr. Sangwoo Ha, performed by students from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  • ‘Talking Circles’, choreographed & performed by Chloe Chotrani
  • ‘To Drown in You’, choreographed by Tan Bee Hung
  • ‘A Waste To Create Works Just To Be Performed In Ballet Competitions’, choreographed by Leng Poh Gee
16 April 2017,
Pentas 2 klpac
  • ‘Sumirid Medtemu’, choreographed & directed by Abdul Hamid Chan, performed by Faculty of Music & Performing Arts, Sultan Idris Education University
  • ‘All In’, choreographed & performed by Fauzi Amirudin
  • ‘Desing’, choreographed by Dalila Binti Abdul Samad
  • ‘Admix’, choreographed by Sim Jui Ching & Chan Wan Xin
  • ‘Losing the Living Crown’, choreographed by Rithaudin Abdul Kadir
  • ‘Inai’, choreographed by Norsafini Jafar, performed by Faculty of Dance, National Academy of Arts, Culture, and Heritage (ASWARA)
  • ‘Medley’, choreographed by William Lor & Luisa Lau, performed by Adeline Chew Kai Min
  • ‘The Vanishing Ink’, choreographed by Andrew Igai Jamu, performed by UMa Dance Company, University of Malaya
21 September 2013,
The Actors Studio @ KuAsh Theatre
  • ‘Contemporary Kathak’, choreographed & performed by Maniyarasi Gowindasamy
  • ‘Honey’, choreographed by Muhammad Syaffiq Hambali, performed by students of the Dance Department of University of Malaya
  • ‘Sshhh…..’, choreographed by Maria Devonne Escobia
  • ‘Uncommon Ground’, choreographed and performed by Caitlin MacKenzie & Gabriel Comerford (Australia)
  • ‘Chemical X’, choreographed by Amy Kong, performed by students of Dancingtime Academy of Ballet & Music
  • ‘Portrait of Court Ladies’, choreographed by Wong Cheong Chee, performed by Han Fong Dance Troupe
22 November 2012, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘Wind’, presented by Eximius School, choreographed by Ellya Sam
  • ‘Journey’, choreographed & performed by LAPAR Lab
  • ‘Memento Mori’ (excerpt), choreographed & performed by Lu Wit Chin
  • ‘Pages’, choreographed by Rebecca Alvey
  • ‘I Mind’, choreographed by Suhaili Micheline
22 September 2012,
  • Excerpts from ‘Chameleon, the Experiences of Global Citizens’, choreographed by Alaine Handa, performed by students of Singapore American School.
  • ‘Ter… Lepas’, choreographed by Khairulazhar Mohtar
  • ‘i love u (like water)’, choreographed by Sea Heike
  • ‘Uhambo Lwam (My Journey)’, choreographed and performed by Mcebisi Bhayi (South Africa)
  • Dance Film (Untitled), choreographed by Lau Beh Chin
  • ‘Satu Roh Satu Jasad (One Body One Soul)’, choreographed by Alla Azura Abal Abas
  • ‘#Hold’, choreographed by Alistair Chew, performed by students of Singapore American School.
6 April 2012, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘Dream n Butterfly’, choreographed & performed by Jack Kek
  • ‘Mask Dance’, presented by Nyoba Kan, performed by Jess Liew Chui Ting
  • ‘Time Machine’, created & performed by Katsura Kan (Japan)
  • ‘When the Earth Dances’, choreographed & performed by Rithaudin Abdul Kadir
  • ‘Pirates & Mermaids’, performed by Kickstart Gymnastics, choreographed by Rusnadia Kassim
17 December 2011, Penang Performing Arts Centre
  • ‘Ember’, choreographed & performed by Alisya Razman Adam
  • ‘Heart.Beat’, performed by Kwang Tung Dance Company, choreographed by Foong Siew Ching
  • ‘Enduring’, performed by Kwang Tung Dance Company, choreographed by Mak Foong Ming
  • ‘Bilik Mimpi’, choreographed by Suhaili Micheline, performed by Amellia Feroz & Raziman Sarbini
  • ‘In the Forest’, choreographed & performed by Yeow Lai Chee
1 October 2011, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘Live in the Present…’, choreographed by Carmen Yap Pui Mun
  • ‘ruddha (rude, huh?)’, choreoraphed & performed by Cynthia Ling Lee (USA/Taiwan)
  • ‘Dance in Small Space’, choreographed & performed by Daman Harun
  • ’30’ x 30”, performed by JS Dance Theatre, choreographed by Lu Witchin
  • ‘Varnam (Colour)’, presented by Supriya Rajan
17 June 2011, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘Angels & Demons’, choreographed by Aiza Abni Habban
  • ‘Mannequin’, choreographed by Azlan McKechnie
  • ‘Breathe’, choreographed by Claudine Gabriel
  • ‘Farewell, My Concubine – The Movement of the Martyer’, performed by Lee Wushu Arts Theatre, choreographed by Lee Swee Seng
  • ‘Journey’, performed by Living Arts, choreographed by Teresa Chian
  • ‘Ostaro Ritual’, performed by Yeow Lai Chee
  • ‘Flowering (Membunga)’, created by Zubin Mohd with Wendy Rogers
26 March 2011, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘Munajar Betari’, choreographed by Alla Azura Abal Abas
  • ‘Week 6’, performed by Balletbase, choreographed by An Nur & Stephanie Lim
  • ‘Status’, choreographed by Fairul Zahid
  • ‘Mapped Out’, choreographed by Judimar Hernandez
  • ‘Compromise’, choreographed & performed by Steve Goh
11 December 2010, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘Dedication’, performed by LAPAR Lab, choreographed by Leng Poh Gee
  • ‘A Thousand Years’, created & performed by Sofia Tengku Daud & Illia Afifuddin
  • ‘Mango Tango’, choreographed by Suhaili Micheline
  • ‘Edge’, performed by Balletbase, choreographed by Yuka Tanaka
30 October 2010, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘Jyersss Another Dance’, choreographed by Amy Kong
  • Preview of ‘WG Spiel’ & ‘Poetic Structure’, presented by Rimbun Dahan, choreographed by Daniel Jaber (Australia)
  • ‘Rage’, by Mun Lee
  • ‘Genuine’, choreographed by Naim Syahrazad
  • ‘The Mechanic’, choreographed by Nanci Traynor
  • ‘The Geometry of Separation’, choreographed and performed by Riki von Falken (Germany)
  • ‘Mixed Tape’ by dancers of Singapore American School, choreographed by Tracy Vanderlinden (Singapore)
26 June 2010,
  •  ‘Seasons’ , choreographed by Naimsyahrazad
  • ‘Another Me’ , choreographed by Fione Chia Yan Wei
  • ‘Ruai’ , choreographed by Gloria Patie
  • ‘M2M’ , choreographed by Marrulhuda dan Murni
  • ‘Not Only Me’ , choreographed by Fairul Zahid
  • ‘Us’ , choreographed by Hasmizan, Nurul Dhurar, Sufie Ashraf, Yang Mardhiah, Munirih, Denny Donius
2 April 2010, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘Gasp/Stuck’, performed by Balletbase, choreographed by Crystal Low Simwei
  • ‘Turbulence’, created and performed by David Lim, Aidira Khaidir & Iylia Nordin
  • ‘Mangala Charanam Hari Haro’, performed by Gayathri Vadivelu / Lawrence Sackris
  • ‘The Parasite in Her’, created and performed by Kiea Kuan Nam and Yeow Lai Chee
  • ‘Instant’, choreographed by Muhaini Ahmad
  • ‘An Altered State of Consciousness’, choreographed by Vivian Chan
23 January 2010, Rooftop@Lot10
  • ‘<Re.Dance>’, choreographed by Hii Ing Fung
  • ‘City.Thoughts’, choreographed by Low Shee Hoe
  • ‘Tribe’, choreographed by Nanci Traynor
  • ‘Strings’, presented by Rimbun Dahan, created by Rochelle Haley / Bilqis Hijjas
3 October 2009, Rooftop@Lot 10
  • ‘Angels or Demons’, performed by Balletbase, choreographed by Bilqis Hijjas
  • ‘Aftermath’, performed by Balletbase, choreographed by Bilqis Hijjas
  • ‘A Plyed Experience’, choreographed by Rebecca Adam Barnett
  • ‘Blue Skies, Raining Heart’, choreographed by Teresa Chian / BB Ostella Adam
  • ‘Glimpse’, performed by students of Singapore American School, coached by Tracy Vanderlinden (Singapore)
22 Sept 2003,
Plaza Putra, Dataran Merdeka
27 March 2003
Plaza Putra, Dataran Merdeka
5 January 2003
Plaza Putra, Dataran Merdeka
24 December 2002
Plaza Putra, Dataran Medeka
26 October 2002
Plaza Putra, Dataran Merdeka
17 August 2002
Plaza Putra, Dataran Merdeka
25 Febuary 2001
Plaza Putra, Dataran Merdeka
  • Wu Shuo Ba Dao by 515 Workshop
  • Works by Guna, Junainah Mohd Lojong, Mun Lee and Woon Fook Sen