Dancebox April 2010

Dancebox is back, with six short dance works springing out of the box and onto the stage, all for only RM 10!

8.30pm Friday 2 April 2010
Entry by minimum donation of RM10 (pay at the door)
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Lot 10

Roof Top, Level 8A, Lot 10 Shopping Centre
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

A joint production between MyDance Alliance and The Actors Studio Theatre, Dancebox is a platform for new dance works by emerging choreographers, and experimental, informal or work-in-progress showings. So you never know what you’ll find when you open the box!


Four young dancers conduct an experiment with holding. When you reach for something, you can’t hold it right away, but, given the choice, people will always choose instant.
Performed by Muhaini Ahmad, Nurulakmal Abdul Wahid, Suwandi Paiman and Albar Ramdzan.


Have you ever woken up and found yourself paralyzed? You cry for help but your sounds are muffled. In between states of consciousness, you are a prisoner of your body.
Choreographed by Vivian Chan, and performed by Ellya Sam-Mun Yee, Melody Tee, Pippy Song, and Vivian Chan.


Contact improviser David Lim joins Aidira Khaidir and Iylia Nordin to experiment with stochastic shearing of space-time velocity, also known as entropic experiments in second law thermodynamics.


She is moving without purpose, she is walking without conscious, but she is moving and going somewhere. The parasite in her tells her how to move and the parasite in her tells her where she goes. She is living because parasite living in her, but when parasite leaves her, her new life begins.
Performed by Nyoba Kan butoh dancers Kiea Kuan Nam and Yeow Lai Chee


When you tire of being in the functional flow, break into a moment of silence and examine your emotions. Drift to a world you create with your own space, time and matter. But remember, returning to being functional in the flow is inevitable.
A work by first-time choreographer Crystal Low Sim Wei, performed by dancers from Balletbase. Featuring original music composed by John Siew.


A classical Odissi invocational dance piece dedicated to Lord Vishnu & Shiva, performed by Gayathri Vadivelu and Lawrence Sackris.

Enquiries: contact Bilqis Hijjas 017 310 3769 or

Dancebox is part of FUSED, a bi-monthly experimental series at The Actors Studio Lot 10, hoping to bring new audiences into theatres and to give emerging talents a chance to perform.

If you are interested to perform in future Dancebox events, please contact Bilqis Hijjas 017 310 3769 or For FUSED non-dance events, e-mail Ayunni at