Dancebox June 2010

A platform for 10 young choreographers from ASWARA to explore their creativity.

Saturday, 26 June 2010
The Actors Studio, Rooftop Lot10 Shopping Centre
Tickets RM10, buy at the door

Featuring breakout choreographers:

• Naimsyahrazad – Seasons
• Fione Chia Yan Wei – Another Me
• Gloria Patie – Ruai
• Marrulhuda dan Murni – M2M
• Fairul Zahid – Not Only Me
• Hasmizan, Nurul Dhurar, Sufie Ashraf, Yang Mardhiah, Munirih, Denny Donius – Us

Dancebox June 2010 encourages students from ASWARA to test their creations, be more independent and cooperate with other people in the dance industry. Through this exercise, they will learn organisational and communication skills crucial for survival.

Dancebox June 2010 is also an avenue for ASWARA students to increase their marketability and reach a new audience.

A collaboration between ASWARA, MyDance Alliance and The Actors Studio at Lot 10.

For more information, contact:

Chee Ah Moi 03-26975046, Faillul Adam – 0172471772, Marrulhuda Mawardi – 0176653201, Murni Omar – 0172181502.