The origins of MyDance Alliance lie with the establishment of the regional center, World Dance Alliance – Asia Pacific (WDA-AP), in 1993.

Malaysian members of that regional organisation, Ms. Lee Lee Lan (founder and director of the Federal Academy of Ballet, Vice-President of WDA-AP) and Dr. Mohd. Anis Mohd. Nor (University of Malaya-based dance scholar, ethnochoreologist and ethnomusicologist; Chair of the Research & Documentation Network for WDA-AP) sought to set up a related body with similar objectives at a local level.

Up until 2001, this Malaysian offshoot of WDA-AP existed only informally. The need for legitimacy and to be more effective meant a formal society had to be set up and registered.

Finally, MyDance Alliance (Registration no. 1006) came into being and the society celebrated its new status with the First MyDance Festival (MDF 2001)“Our Dance Our Life” held on 28-30 September 2001, at The Actors Studio Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The fifth MyDance Festival was held in May and June 2013 with the theme Show Off!

Today, MyDance Alliance is a member of the regional center, World Dance Alliance – Asia Pacific (WDA-AP), and the international body, World Dance Alliance (WDA).

Previous Presidents:

  • Dr. Mohd. Anis Mohd. Nor
  • Joseph Gonzales
  • Rogayah Shahariman
  • Mew Chang Tsing

Past Projects


  • Asia Pacific Impro! — Conceived and produced by MyDance committee member David Lim, Asia Pacific Impro! was a meeting point for selected dance and music improvisers in the Asia Pacific region to conduct research, provide workshops and engage in performance. For more information, go to www.asiapacificimpro.org.
  • MyDance Festival 2013 — The fifth festival from MyDance Alliance, brought together the Malaysian dance community for performances, workshops, film screenings, parties and, of course, lots of dancing! For more information, click here
  • MyDance Improvisation Series — Conceived by MyDance committee member David Lim, this bi-monthly series aimed to serve as a platform for local dancers and members of the public to experience and to explore the field of dance improvisation. This was done through the organizing of workshops, jams, performances, and also collaborations with musicians. With the support of Kakiseni, the series employed Free Space as its home. For more information, click here.


  • Dancebox at the Actors Studio — a regular night of dance, featuring emerging choreographers and experimental works. Dancebox is on hiatus for the first part of 2013, but we look forward to it coming back soon!
  • Dance Film Series — free dance film showings in collaboration with Five Arts Centre. For more information, click here.
  • Malaysian Dance Archives — a project to collect, document and store programs, posters, flyers, DVDs, videos and images from Malaysian dance productions, and to make these resources available to dance scholars and the interested public.


  • MyDance Festival 2011 and the Asia-Pacific International Dance Conference




  • MyDance Festival 2001


Dancebox (previously The Dance Box Series) has been running since 2001 (?) as a partnership project between MyDance Alliance and The Actors Studio. A popular and influential performance platform, Dancebox offers one night of dance in The Actors Studio’s theatre, which has moved over the years from The Actors Studio Box underneath Dataran Merdeka, to The Actors Studio Greenhall in Penang, The Actors Studio at Bangsar Shopping Centre (?), The Actors Studio @ Lot10 Shopping Centre, The Actors Studio KuAsh Theatre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and finally to Pentas 2 at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.

The Dance Box Series was originally conceived as a series of monthly dance events organised to showcase a diversity of dance including work by less established, more experimental choreographers. It later morphed into a mixed bill performance presenting works in progress, experimental works by established artists, and new works by emerging artists.

Here is a partial list of Dancebox events from our archives:

  • 2003
    • 22 Sept 2003Seven Deadly Sins According to Mahatma Gandhi by Michael Xavier Voon & Ensemble
    • 27 March 2003Gema Zapin dari Hujung Tanah — Kumpulan Kesenian Seri Budaya Johor
    • 5 January 2003Pleasure by RiverGrass Dance Academy
  •  2002
    • 24 Dec 2002Earth Light by Dancezap Productions
    • 26 Oct 2002Love, Lovers, Loving by Khazana Stage Creations (Guna)
    • 17 August 2002 — Fang Xue (Blood Letting) by Mun Lee & Loi Chin Yu
  • 2001
    • 25 Feb 2001Wu Shuo Ba Dao by 515 Workshop (Kiea Kuan Nam, Jack Kek, Brandon Wong, Brian Chua dan Teo Lay Peng)
    • Works by Guna, Junainah Mohd Lojong, Mun Lee and Woon Fook Sen