Qing Dance Performance 2002

Qing by the Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Kwang Tung Association Dance Troupe is a performance based on an abstraction of the elements of nature such as wind, land, water and mountain. A range of cultural and artistic works such as poetry, music and Chinese landscape paintings have been incorporated into the performance. The programme is … Read more

Global Dance 2002 – Aesthetics of Diversity

There are two parts to Global Dance 2002. The first part, 23 – 29 August, is the World Dance Alliance Festival, which will comprise performances, workshops and conferences. Held in Dusseldorf, the festival will offer audiences a truly global perspective, not only through invited artists and dance experts from diverse cultural regions, but by also … Read more

Lokanatha: Lords of the World

Ramli Ibrahim will feature in Lokanatha: Lords of the World as part of Sutra Dance Theatre’s ‘Under the Stars Series’. This bharatanatyam performance showcases part of the traditional repertoire on Shiva and Vishnu, and will be accompanied by live carnatic music led by Jeya Sekhar. Performance Details 9-11 August @ 8.30pm Sutra House @ 12 … Read more