Topsy Turvy 2: Bizarre

Topsy Turvy 2: Bizarre is a dance performance that showcases works by the nine young dancers that make up Batu Dance Theatre under the direction of artistic director, Vincent Tan.

Following on from the performance that took place in Klang last year, Topsy-Turvy 2 incorporates the intrinsic talents, youthfulness and diverse cultural disciplines of the dancers. The resulting theme is Guai, Gui, Guai, Guai (or ‘Bizarre’) with the nine dance fragments expressing novel movements and stormy emotions.

The budding choreographers include Yap Yen Fah, Hoh May Yee, Carole Ong, Ailyn Tan, Yong Hui Yee, Teo Bee Fong, Liew Yong Huat, Lee Mong Medi and Yong Chee Hoe.

Dates/Times: 26 April @ 8pm / 27 April @ 3pm & 8pm

Venue: The Actors Studio Theatre, Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Tickets: RM 30 (adults) / RM 20 (students with valid ID)
. 50% discount will be given to previous audience members who filled out and submitted their Q&A forms (valid only until 13 April 2003)
. 10% discount to group purchases of 10 or more tickets (valid only till 13 April 2003)
. MyDance member discount (with valid membership cards): RM25 (adults) / RM 18 (students)

The Actors Studio (03-2694 5400 / 03-2692 5927)
Batu Dance Theatre (03-3324 7568 / 012-2222 735)


Topsy Turvy
This annual series is intended to be an alternative platform for young dancers to explore the possibilities of dance, and experience the process of creative endeavour through choreography.

Run wholly by the young people, it is creating a new way of creative planning and production making so that dance and choreography are not confined to the realm of professionals.

I Am Leaving (Hoh May Yee) voices the heart of youngsters in search of direction in their life

Bubbles (Yong Hui Yee) illustrates the earnest wish of young ladies of the future

SDE (Ailyn Tan) depicts the degraded life of a lost generation (Ong Lay Ha) is to inspire and motivate the generation living at the edge of social restlessness

Searching (Yap Yen Fah) depicts a journey in search of security by young people, disturbed and unsettled

Forward and Backward (Liew Yong Huat & Yong Chee Hoe) enlists the rhythmic body movements based on defense and attack in a basketball game

Pipe Dream (Teo Bee Fong) illustrates the illusion of a secular world

3, 2, 1… (Lee Mong Mei) a solo dance that depicts the ease and relief of achieving solidarity amidst the lost and found in her life

Best of the Best, a compilation of the dancers’ endeavour that highlights the success of the female sex amidst an ever-challenging male chauvinistic society

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