About MyDance Alliance

Registered in 2001, MyDance Alliance is non-profit membership association run by a 10-person volunteer committee. Our mission is to support and promote dance in Malaysia.


To bring together a community of dance practitioners and dance enthusiasts that supports and promotes dance in Malaysia.


  • To form a network organisation that links dance enthusiasts locally and internationally.
  • To support and promote the many forms of dance that exist in Malaysia (cultural, traditional, contemporary, ballet or commercial) through the following:
    • education and training
    • performances
    • dance-related publications
    • research and documentation of dance
    • dance-related conferences
    • engaging in international exchange programmes

Overview of Activities

Since 2001, the organisation has brought the local dance community together to run festivals, capacity-building projects, performance platforms, workshops, conferences and many more. MyDance Alliance shares information through its fortnightly newsletter and active Facebook page. The organisation also represents the Malaysian dance community to the global network, especially through participation in World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific.

Previous projects include MyDance Festivals 2001, 2003, 2005, 2011 and 2013, Tepak Tari, Dancebox Festival 2019, the regular informal performance platform Dancebox (partnering with The Actors Studios since 2001), the mentoring project Dance Escalator and Dancing Alone, the regional improvisational project Asia Pacific Impro!, the site-specific events Dancing in Place, and the online contemporary dance magazine Langkah.

MyDance Alliance also host internships to train dance students in real-world skills and provides micro-grants to support local dance projects.

The MyDance Alliance Constitution governs the activities of the society. Download the constitution here: MyDance Constitution [PDF, 134KB]