Payau-Seperti Layaknya Air (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Choreographer : Yola Yulfianti Date: 4 June 2004 (Fri) Time: 7.00 pm Venue: Teater Luwes, Institusi Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ), Indonesia The people supporting this dance piece are Professor Sardono W. Kusumo (Assistant) ; Nungki Kusumastuti (Literature Writer) ; Otto Sidharta (Music Consultant) ; Sony Sumarsono (Lighting Manager) ; Yola Yulfianti (Choreographer & Dancer) ; Dilliani … Read more

Mini@tures Compagnie Mulleras

A fusion of contemporary dance, electronic music, video art and web design are combined in this multimedia dance by the Mulleras Dance Company organised by the Alliance Francaise as a part of its French Art Festival. The festival is starting from 28 May 2004 until 30 June 2004 in Malaysia. “There is a wonderful sense … Read more