Tatsumi Hijikata Memorial Butoh Troupe

Tatsumi Hijikata was a co-founder of Butoh. Since his death in 1986, his wife, Akiko Motofuji, has endeavoured to keep the spirit of Butoh alive by organising workshops, performances, exhibitions and film screenings in Japan and overseas.

Her troupe, the Tatsumi Hijikata Memorial Butoh Troupe, will be in Singapore to present a talk, conduct workshops and perform.

Tatsumi Hijikata – Talk by Akiko Motofuji
12 July @ 2pm
Theatre Studio @ Esplanade

Explorations – Butoh Workshops
11-12 July @ 7.30pm-10.30pm
13 July @ 2.00pm-5.00pm
Rehearsal Studio @ Esplanade
S$10 (1 session) / S$18 (any 2 sessions) / S$24 (all 3 sessions)

Together with Tatsumi Hijikata – Performances
15-16 July @ 8.00pm
Theatre Studio @ Esplanade


Additional Information

“Tatsumi Hijikata and I were born in the Showa period’s third year (1928). I could say we grew up with war and shared camaraderie because of this hardship. Japan was very national critical during this time. The children, students and even the general public were made to participate in this war. The war became severe and Tokyo suffered bombing every day. We spent our youth not understanding life or death, feeling like being in the darkness. For days and days, young people could not see the future. It was like Man’s identity crisis. Tatsumi Hijikata and I experienced this [life with no exit]. People believe the eternity of life when you start to understand that this life is a build up of waves in an eternal movement. Life is not one wave.

Butoh is an expression of tenderness that was discovered in the dark side of the human spirit after the violence of war.

Everything returns to an abundance of Mother Nature.” – Akiko Motofuji

Tatsumi Hijikata – Talk by Akiko Motofuji
Akiko Motofuji will share her times with Hijikata and elaborate on his works. There will be excerpts of rare videos and films featuring Hijikata as well as Ankoku Butoh performances choreographed and performed by Hijikata and dancers.

Explorations – Butoh Workshops
Motofuji and her dancers will give participants a chance to experience the shades, essence and spirit of Butoh. The main emphasis in Motofuji’s work is Butoh, which focuses on the body and spirit. She combines it with classical ballet, contemporary dance and Neuer Tanz techniques in a constant search for new ways of expression.

Each session is different and complete in itself.

Together with Tatsumi Hijikata – Performances
Based on her book of the same name, this is an endearing meditation by Motofuji on her life with Hijikata. Performed by Motofuji and her dancers, the performance is also an exploration of the philosophy of Butoh, and the enduring influence of Hijikata on the dance world.

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