HOMECOMING – featuring choreography by Malaysian artists of the world is a fund-raising performance showcasing the collaborative efforts of four renowned choreographers working with local dancers.

Ng Teck Voon (Holland), Ong Yong Lock (Hong Kong), Albert Tiong (Singapore) and Wong Thien Pau (Singapore) are Malaysian artists known internationally for their outstanding performances in contemporary dance.

There will be solos, duets, ensembles and a session of Dance Dedication in which the audience selects a combination of dancers to do an impromptu dance accompanied by the Hands Percussion Team and other local musicians.

12-14 December 2003 @ 8.30pm

MCPA Theatre, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
1 Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 KL

By donation (minimum RM30)

Choo Tee Kuang (012-2024303)
Woon Fook Sen (012-2842389)

The Malaysian Chinese Performing Artists (MCPA) Alliance is organizing the show to raise funds for upgrading the MCPA Theater. Located at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, the MCPA Theatre is non-profit driven and lacks certain facilities and equipment.

However, a group of artistes and enthusiasts in the dance community has come together with the aim of raising sufficient funds to install a sprung wooden floor and equip the theatre with sufficient lighting.

Those who wish to make further donations are also kindly requested to contact either Choo Tee Kuang (012-2024303) or Woon Fook Sen (012-2842389).



First Half

Sat Sa
Choreographer: Ong Yong Lock
Dancers: Judimar Monfils, Isaac Lim

Excessive Space, Constricted Space
Choregrapher/Dancer: Wong Thien Pau

Different Flow On Mutual Ground
Choreographer: Ng Teck Voon
Dancers: Eden Lim, Amy Len, Loh Wei Jun, Mun Lee, T.C. Lim

Choreographer/Dancer: Albert Tiong

Circle of Unity
Choreographer: Ng Teck Voon
Dancers: Eden Lim, Amy Len, Isaac Lim, T.C. Lim, Mohd Kamaludin Mohd Daud

Second Half

Emceed by Lee Swee Keong, Dance Dedication will be an improvisational session for the dancers to interact with the audience. The Hands Percussion Team and a few local musicians will provide accompaniment while the audience chooses a dance ensemble to do an impromptu dance.



Ong Yong Lock
– Resident in Hong Kong since 1989
– Previously with the Hong Kong Dance Company and City Contemporary Dance Company
– Was artistic director of the South ASLI troupe (1991 – 2001)
– In 2002, founded and is artistic director of Unlock Dancing Plaza
– Recipient a Hong Kong Dance Award in 2002 and now an active member of the performing arts community in Hong Kong

Ng Teck Voon
– Awarded a full scholarship to study at the Central School of Ballet, London
– Was a professional dancer with the Northern Ballet Theatre before moving on to contemporary dance and choreography
– Resident in Europe for the last 15 years, he is now a renowned dancer and choreographer

Albert Tiong
– A graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
– Formerly a professional dancer with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Taiwan
– Later a principal dancer of Odyssey Dance Theatre, Singapore
– Presently promoting dance education in Malaysia

Ix Wong Thien Pau
– A graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
– Formerly a dancer with the City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong
– Later a rehearsal master for the Arts Fission Dance Company, Singapore
– Recently co-founder and artistic director of Ah Hock and Peng Yu, Singapore

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