XI Almada Dance Festival

The XI edition of Almada Dance Festival, is dedicated to all dancers creators and dancers interested in sharing, enjoying and appreciating contemporary dance.

The International Platform for Choreographers included in this Festival, will be presented for the fifth time. In former editions have been presented around 140 choreographers from about all over the world.

The platform will be open to a selection of candidates interested in sharing their work in a professional and friendly environment. The organisation will also invite dance promoters from around the world

Venue: Almada, Portugal
Date: October 16 – November 2, 2003

Individual choreographers or dance companies are welcome to submit their projects to be presented in the International Platform for Choreographers.
The dead line for submission of proposals is March 14 (post stamp).
The Selection Board will decide on the accepted projects until April 18.

Presentation of proposals:
1. Proposals must be:
· Presented by individual choreographers or dance companies.
· Accompanied by the form provided by the organisation.
· Not exceeding 20′. Longer works must be adapted to meet this time limitation.
· Accompanied by a video recording of the completed work (on stage or in studio). Each video tape must have only the proposed piece. The tape must be in VHS format. Pal system is preferred but other systems may also be accepted.
· Mentioning all the required material for the presentation, specifying if any special equipment is useful or indispensable.
· Accompanied by a brief biography (150 words) of the choreographer.
· Accompanied by a brief text (100 words)about the wok
· Indicating wether work is to be presented on a formal space (theatre stage), or set specific (outside a theatre hall)

2. Proposals may be:
· Including a workshop proposal.
· Submitted in Portuguese, English, French, or Spanish.
· Accompanied by any documents considered important for the appreciation of the project.

3. Proposals or information requests should be sent to:

Almada Dance Festival International Platform
Praceta Francisco Vieira de Almeida,
1 r/c, 2800-406 Almada Portugal

phone: 00 351 21 258 3175
fax: 00 351 21 250 0524
e -mail:quinzena@cdanca-almada.pt

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