MyDance Alliance — About World Dance Alliance

Photo: Kelab Shashin

MyDance Alliance is the Malaysian chapter of World Dance Alliance – Asia-Pacific.

The global body, World Dance Alliance (WDA), was formed in 1990 at the Hong Kong International Dance Conference.

To act as an advocacy and support group for dance in all its forms and dance-related people throughout the world.


  • To establish centers of information, advocacy and communication for dance organisations and individuals, and to develop a forum for the exchange of ideas, expertise and resources for all areas of dance.
  • To publish and present information to WDA members in several languages.
  • To encourage awareness, access and understanding of dance as art, recreation, worship, human well-being and cultural expression in diverse communities throughout the world.
  • To assist in the identification and promotion of all dance traditions, styles and approaches in recognition of their cultural, artistic and social importance.
  • To encourage the protection of dance repertoire in all its forms by preservation through notation, film, video and other media.
  • To coordinate, support and enhance the work of existing dance organisations.
  • To collaborate with other organisations working in other art-forms, related disciplines, education and comunity activities.
  • To facilitate international exchange and encourage dialogue among all peoples working in dance regardless of affiliation.
  • To contribute through dance to a saner, safer world by mutual respect and global cooperation.

Membership in WDA is open to all individuals, institutions and organisations interested in dance. Individuals and organisations in Malaysia who wish to participate in WDA events should become members of MyDance Alliance.

At present there are three regions in World Dance Alliance: