Workshop by Riki von Falken


German choreographer Riki von Falken will conduct a choreography workshop for choreographers and intermediate or advanced dancers.

Riki von Falken’s reputation as a dancer and choreographer dates back to 1981, when she furthered her dance studies in New York. Since then, her work has been decisively influenced by the artistry of Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, Jennifer Muller and Stephen Petronio. Since 1988 she has concentrated solely on choreography, creating numerous solo performances in her native Berlin and also appearing in works in Graz, Salerno and Israel. Earlier this year, Riki spent three months working as a teacher in choreography and modern dance at ASWARA.

Riki’s solo works range from interests in visual arts and architecture to radical personal introspection. She has also created a trio work for herself, a disabled actor and a second dancer, focusing on what happens when different forms of movement clash. According to German dance critic Katrin Bettina Müller, Riki’s “movement language has nothing heavy to it and is free from forced expressionism, instead it features a lightness, transparency and even elegance. This is due in part to the long work of transforming very inner movement into an external form and, on the other hand, due to constant self-introspection: how necessary is this movement, what does it trigger in the eyes of the spectator?”

Saturday 30 Oct 2010
Studio Tari Utama, Top Floor, ASWARA

The workshop is FREE but places are limited. To reserve your spot, please contact Bilqis at +6017 310 3769 or email

Sponsored by the Goethe-Institut, and hosted by ASWARA and MyDance Alliance. For more information about Riki, see

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