Traditional Dance Workshops for Pre-Primary School Teachers

Global Train, a consulting company experienced in organising seminars and workshops, is jointly organising with the Akademi Seni Kebangsaan a workshop in traditional dance for pre-primary school teachers.

This nationwide workshop will provide basic skills in 4 different dances including Joget, Zapin, Sumazau and Endang. Due to time constraints, these 4 dances have been chosen as they reflect the diversity of dance styles in Malaysia. These dances are also fairly energetic and vibrant and will hopefully capture the imagination of the participants.

The workshop schedule is as follows:
25 May – Kuala Lumpur
7 June – Penang
22 June – Johor Baru
19 July – Ipoh
20 July – Malacca

The workshops will be led by Joseph Gonzales and conducted by Mohd Kamaludin Mohd Daud, Azizi Sulaiman and Shafirul Azmi Suhaimi, outstanding graduates of the Akademi and already reputed to be among the most talented dancers in the country.

For further details, call Mr Yeow at 03-6250 8112 / 012-325 9090 or email


For true development of culture and the arts, the situation must be tackled at the most basic and grassroots level. This is why the target audience for the workshops is pre-primary school teachers who, besides the parents, are the first teachers of young children. The intention is to hopefully, instill a knowledge and love of these dances to the teachers who can, in turn impart these to those in their care.

This is the first time for such an approach by the Akademi Seni Kebangsaan, and if successful, may be developed to include teachers at all levels. The response to these workshops will help the Akademi gauge and plan possible paths for the future.

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