Residency in Bangkok

A bursary is available for a 6-month residency in Bangkok, Thailand. The bursary will cover return ticket, board and lodging, small per diem to cover local travel and subsistence. The actual dates will be fixed by mutual agreement for between September 2003 and December 2004.

The working/living conditions include participation in all courses offered at the Centre, participation in (performing and helping to choreograph) the productions of The Company, and the use of studio space as per availability. The Artist-in-Residence is expected to conduct regular classes and workshops based on their particular discipline during their residency.

Disciplines may include dance (such as contemporary, modern ballet, jazz, rhythmic gymnastics, Latin American dance, Thai classical dance) and mind/body development disciplines (such as Aikido, Kung-Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, mind mapping enhanced learning and creative thinking).

Candidates must be professional dancers or choreographers under the age of 35, familiar with both classical and modern dance, and have experience of working abroad. They may come from any region of the world and speak English.

Candidates with special skills (e.g. music therapy or dance therapy), knowledge and experience in ethnic dance (e.g. African, South American) will be given high priority. Additional knowledge in Mind/Body disciplines will be considered an advantage (e.g. Brazilian Gracie, jujitsu or Capoera, Chinese Kung Fu, Hatha and Raja Yoga, Juggling).

Closing date for applications: 30 April 2003

Contact for further information.

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