MyDance Gathering

MyDance Alliance has organised a late afternoon gathering cum makan on Sunday (16 February) and everyone is invited – members, friends and anyone interested in knowing more about the organisation and the people involved.

Members of MyDance rarely have a chance to meet, talk and get to know each other better. What better way than over food?

The main people behind MyDance (members of the committee) will explain what the organisation is about and detail some of the major projects that are either already underway or still in the planning stages – the 2003 Dance Box Series and the second MyDance Festival, MDF 2003.

MyDance however, is not just for the committee. There are many ways in which you could also play role.

Are you interested in the Creation & Presentation of dance performances? Join Mew Chang Tsing and you can experience directly many aspects of putting on a performance. Perhaps you are interested in Education & Training? Help Gan Chih Pei as she organises workshops by local and foreign artists.

These are just two of the five networks that MyDance has incorporated into its structure so that it can address different aspects of dance. The other networks are Research & Documentation (DrAnis), Status & Welfare (Karen Liew) and Management & Promotion (Amin Hassan). They might have something that would interest you more.

Or perhaps you are curious about what is happening in dance at a regional level? If so, you might like to attend the 2003 World Dance Alliance – Asia Pacific / Congress on Research in Dance / International Council of Kinetography Laban International Conference to be held at the National Taipei University of the Arts, Taiwan in August 2003. Participants there will investigate dance as a healing agent in a cataclysmic environment and explore representations of identity across international, individual, cultural and temporal boundaries.

If nothing else, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to have a say in what is being done by MyDance and to pass on any suggestions that you might have for the future.

Gathering Details
Date: 16 February 2003 (Sunday)
Time: 5.00 – 7.00pm
Venue: Home of the President, Mew Chang Tsing
(41 Jalan 20/2, 46300 Petaling Jaya)
Cover charge: RM10 per person for food and drinks

Contact: 019-213 1923 (Dayang) or 03-78778706 (RiverGrass) for further information

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