More Dance in Singapore – February

Apart from Odyssey Dance Theatre’s Wild Moves, there are several other dance performances taking place in Singapore during the month of February. They include:

‘Opus Cactus’ by MOMIX
A magical mix of circus, illusion, movement and dance, created by Moses Pendleton.
6-7 Feb @ Esplanade Theatre
Tickets: S$91 – S$21

Ballet Nacional De Espana
A fiery blend of dance that fuses flamenco with ballet.
20-21 Feb @ Esplanade Theatre
Tickets: S$101 – S$11

‘Finks’ by Leni-Basso
A dynamic performance with mock fights set to a hypnotic beat and spectacular blend of lighting, video and sound.
20-21 Feb @ Esplanade Theatre Studio
Tickets: S$26

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MOMIX is a dance company that defies description as easily as its dancers defy gravity. MOMIX dancers are better described as “dancer-illusionists”, as they have a special blend of theatrics, circus acrobatics and gymnastics. But they are dancers first and foremost—with dazzling physical ability, deftness and dexterity.

Opus Cactus was inspired by the Saguaro Cactus, the “Sunflower of the Desert”. It is a sensual celebration of the weird and wonderful creatures of the American Southwest desert. The cast includes fluttering cactus wrens, slithering Gila monsters, desert blooms, ostriches and grubs.

MOMIX comes to Singapore with this brand new show following a highly successful New York run at the Joyce Theatre.

Ballet Nacional De Espana
The premier dance company of Spain arrives to ignite the stage with their fiery blend of dance, which fuses flamenco with ballet. With their impassioned performances, colourful costumes and highly talented dancers performing the most exciting of recent choreography by Spain’s top artists, this multi-award winning dance company will thrill audiences.

This season will see them present the machismo-charged piece ‘Estampio’; the award winning ‘Mujeres’; ‘Taranto’; ‘Mareas’; and ‘Grito’ showcasing the many exciting styles of flamenco.

Rather than featuring the individual characters of the dancers, Leni-Basso performances focus on the relationship among them, and the movements that are born from such mutual relationships. Defying any story or direct expression of emotions, they let the dance itself tell an unknown story and build an interactive relationship between stage and audience.

Finks is a dynamic performance as dancers enter into tense, mock fights to a hypnotic beat and a spectacular blend of special lighting, video and sounds. The combination of the visual components and the thrilling communications among the dancers creates moments of tension to stimulate the senses.

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