Japan-Malaysia Technical Design Workshop

Malaysian Alliance of Technical Theatre (MATT) and The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur presents a technical and design workshop with 5 courses (lighting, sound, costume, stage management, video) and a dance collaboration.

The first of its kind in Malaysia, this series of courses presented as a week long programme will provide technicians, designers and management staff within the performing arts with an opportunity to work and learn from 5 of Japan’s top technical and design professionals.

The courses will culminate in an exciting workshop performance with top Japanese and Malaysian dancers. This event is supported by The Actors Studio, MyDance Alliance and Studio Chombrang.

1) The Actors Studio Bangsar
(Technical Courses & Public Showcase)
Level 3, West Wing, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

2) Studio Chombrang
(Costume Course & Dance Workshop)
5A, Jalan Cempaka 16, Taman Cempaka, Ampang

Dates/Times: 12-18 January 2004 @ 2.00pm – 10.00pm
Fee: RM 100 per course
(Limited to 12 participants per course)

Public Showcase:
Date/Time: 18 January 2004 @ 3.00pm
Admission by Donation (minimum RM 10)

Tel: 03-2094 0400 / 2094 1400 (The Actors Studio Bangsar)
Email: contact@matt.com.my
Visit: www.matt.com.my


Biodatas of Course Instructors

Mr. Masaaki AIKAWA (Lighting Design)
He is the managing director of John¡¯s Co.Ltd. He has been working for the dance performance of Akira KASAI, Setsuko YAMADA and Mika KUROSAWA. His innovative lighting designs are used in other types of stages such as concerts and theatre performances. He has been also working as a stage director of improvisational performances. He is highly recognized abroad, especially in Korea as a lighting designer and a stage director.

Mr. Shinobu ISHII (Stage Management)
He is the director of ¡°Butai Kantoku Koubo (Stage Managers¡¯ Studio)¡±. He started his career as a stage manager in 1997 and accompanied ¡°The Tokyo Ballet¡± Europe and Latin America tour in 1999 and 2001. He joined in the ¡°Sendai Engeki Koubo 10-Box¡± as an administrator in 2002 to conduct stage management courses. Recently he is engaged in the contemporary dance series ¡°Odorini-ikuze! (Let¡¯s Go Dance!)¡± produced by Japan Contemporary Dance Network and is working along with Hiroshi HIDAMA, Kohta YAMAZAKI and Kimu ITO.

Mr. Toshiyuki OCHIAI (Sound & Music)
He used to be a member of ¡°Engeki Jikkenshitsu-Tenjosajiki¡±. He is currently working as a music producer/designer. His style, which is supported by his detailed knowledge to the hardware and his penetrating insight to the work, makes the works innovative and unique. He has provided music to dancers such as Chie HAYASHI, Toshiko TAKEUCHI and H. Art Chaos from their beginning to help their image creation. He took part in the Japan Tour of Fernando Alavar and appeared in the stages of Yukio NINAGAWA as a music player.¡¡He is also working with ¡°Kaitaisha¡± theatre company.

Mr. Akihiko KANEKO (Video Artist)
He was born in Tokyo. He studied in the graduate school of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. His first flat work was appeared in 1993. He started the installation works collaborated with screen images in 1996 and started working for image of ¡°Leni-Basso¡± theater company in 1998. One of his solo exhibitions, ¡°binding¡±, was held in 2002 in Japan. He has been working with many musicians and producing a lot of image works. His other exhibitions include ¡°Richitung ¡®96¡± at Goethe Institut in Japan, ¡°Morphe ¡®98¡± at a gallery in Tokyo and ¡°Il giardino della music¡± in Milan in 1999.

Mr. Shingo TOKIHIRO (Costume)
He used to work as a journalist reporting Paris collection and London collection. Thereafter he has been engaged in a stage costume design. Currently he widely extends his career to the seminar and show planning besides the stage collaboration with Buto dancers.

Ms. Kimiko KIKUMARU (Producer)
She is the managing director of Contemporary Art Network, Ltd., whose business covers every kind of art activities such as fine art, dance, theatre, music and so on. She is involved in program making for cultural policy and cultural support as well as the art management. She has been also working as an executive officer of dance festivals and producing performances of Dance Theatre Ludens and performers like Un YAMADA, Yoko ANDO and Ikume ITO.

Mr. Ko MUROBUSHI (Dancer)
Ko Murobushi is one of the best known Butoh-dancers of our time.

Born in Tokyo he was a little boy when Butoh was born in 1959 by Tatsumi Hijikata. By 1968 he had already studied and performed with Hijikata in Japan.

After this first contact with Butoh, Ko retired from the stage in 1970 and practised for two years ascetic life and shamanism as so-called “Yamabushi” in the Japanese mountains. Back into society he founded the Butoh-Group DAIRAKUDAN together with Ushio Ama-gatsu, Akaji Maro and others, doing several performances in Tokyo and Kyoto. In 1974 he created the Butoh-magazine “Hageshii Kisetsu (Violent Season)” and founded a female Butoh-Compagnie “ARIADONE” for which he did many choreographies. 2 years later he founded a similar only-male Butoh-group: SEBI. With a co production of these two groups he brought Butoh to Europe.

About Malaysian Alliance Of Technical Theatre
MATT is currently a pro-tem committee committed to forming the first technical alliance in Malaysia. Malaysia¡¯s leading technical design and management professionals in the performing arts industry formed the pro-tem committee.

MATT aims:
To enable, facilitate and support the improvement of technical expertise in the performing arts in Malaysia through training, networking and info exchange.

To establish and manage a database of technical expertise, equipment and suppliers.

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