Improvisation Series

Photo montage by Loh Weijun

MyDance Improvisation Series

Conceived by MyDance committee member David Lim, this bi-monthly series aims to serve as a platform for local dancers and members of the public to experience and to explore the field of dance improvisation. This is done through the organizing of workshops, jams, performances, and also collaborations with musicians. With the support of Kakiseni, the series currently employs Free Space as its home.

For 2013, the following events were scheduled as part of the series:

#1: Collaborative Improvisation: Two Workshops by David Lim (January 2013)

#2: This Body, and the Rest of It: Workshops by Lee Ren Xin (February 2013)

#3: Celine Bacque & Eric Ellul (March 2013)

#4: (Improvisati)onion – Layers of Spontaneous Dancing: A workshop by Faye Lim for MyDance Festival (May 2013)

#5: Group Improvisation Scores – A workshop with David Lim and Chan Sze-Wei (August 2013)

Some recordings of live music from #1 have been uploaded and can be downloaded from Please feel free to use any of them in your classes, jams or in your own work. We just ask that you credit the musicians (Alubakhan, Azzief Khaliq, Melvin Ho, Sudarshan) and MyDance Alliance, and to link back to the site if possible.