Improvisation Jam

Organized by Mydance Alliance (Education and Training Network) & Actors Studio

Date: 8th March 2003
Time: 4:00- 6:00pm
Venue: Actors Studio Box
Cover-charge: Rm25, Rm15 (Students)

Workshop? Nope……….Jam session is more appropriate for this rendezvous event. Casual, relax, open minded, and courage is what you need for the night.

Many Fun and icebreaking games will be lead by experienced guest artists. The improvisation session will be accompanied by life PERCUSSION and TECHNO music. Lets explore movements, improvise and rediscover spaces with life percussion and Techno Music. Experience the full taste of improvisation.

Contact: Gan Chih Pei (012-390-3242) or Amy Len (012-6708454)

P/s: The next workshop session will be in May 2003.

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