Freedom of Expression in the Arts

As part of the Festival of Rights being organised by the Malaysian Bar Council and HAKAM to mark World Human Rights Day 2002, there will be a half-day seminar entitled ‘Freedom of Expression in the Arts’.

Artistes from the various arts will have an opportunity to discuss the problems they have faced in relation to censorship and the effect that censorship has had on the development of their work. Some of the topics include Censorship and the Eradication of Culture, Artistes’ Experiences of Censorship in Malaysia, and Legal Framework and the Next Step.

Speakers include Professor Ghulam Sarwar, Marion D’Cruz, Eddin Khoo, Jo Kukathas, Teck Tan, Joe Kidd, Hasnul Saidon, Ann Lee, Kathy Rowland, Animah Kosai and Malik Imtiaz.

14 December 2002 (Saturday) @ 8.30am-1.30pm
Bar Council Auditorium, Ground Floor, Loke Yew Building
Jalan Mahkamah Persekutuan, KL
Free Admission

Contact: 03-2691 1366

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