Arts Network Asia – Call For Proposal Outline

Arts Network Asia (ANA) is a group of independent artists and arts activists primarily from Southeast Asia that encourages and supports regional artistic collaboration as well as develops managerial and administrative skills in the Asian creative arts.

ANA is calling for proposal outlines from artists who may have projects that share or extend its philosophy of meaningful, process-oriented collaboration, distinguished by mutual respect, initiated in Asia and carried out primarily by Asian artists in the area of contemporary performance arts.

For further information, contact Marion D’Cruz at:
Tel/fax: +603-7725 4858

20 November 2003

Proposal Outline:
One-page long (in English or language of choice) detailing the content, philosophy and intentions of your project.

Send to:
Marion D’Cruz (Manager, Arts Network Asia)
c/o Five Arts Centre
27 & 27A, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur


Arts Network Asia (ANA) was initiated by TheatreWorks (Singapore), who hosted and managed it for the first three terms, from September 1999 to January 2004. From 1 February 2004, it will be hosted and managed by Five Arts Centre (Malaysia) for another two terms.

To ensure objectivity, it has always been the intention that the Host Venue of Arts Network Asia changes after every three terms. At the same time, the overlap in the Host Venues will ensure smooth transition and continuity in the management of ANA.

Currently, the ANA panel consists of: Ong Keng Sen (Singapore), Krishen Jit (Malaysia), Teresa Rances (Philippines), Amna Kusumo (Indonesia), Anuradha Kapur (India) and Santi Chitrachinda (Thailand).

ANA is in the process of constituting a new panel, which will include new members from Korea, India, Indonesia, China and Vietnam. While applicants can still go to the respective existing panel members for further information and advice, new applications will be considered by the new panel.

While the emphasis will be on the contemporary performing arts, particularly dance and theatre, ANA will also consider projects in the areas of music, video, film, multi-media and visual arts, in so far as they relate to performing arts.

At the same time, ANA will consider applications for research and study grants, and exchange projects (not limited to collaborations) that foster inter-cultural interaction, exchange and understanding.

Through the fund, ANA hopes to encourage the following:

The development of inter-cultural and cross-national collaborations and exchanges that can take the form of dialogues, workshops, seminars, residencies and productions.

The development of artistic networks that will create links between Southeast Asia and South and East Asia by way of exchange and information sharing.

The development of an arena for challenging and provocative collaborations that face the questions of difference, as well as to explore the tensions between global and local identities.

The development of administrative and management skills through exposure and internship schemes.

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