Annual General Meeting 2012

Committee Elected at Annual General Meeting 2012

As elected at the Annual General Meeting on 8 Sept 2012, and serving until the Annual General Meeting in 2014:

National Advisor

Prof. Dr. Mohd. Anis Mohd. Nor

Office Bearers

Bilqis Hijjas (President)
Leng Poh Gee (Vice-President)
Tan Bee Hung (Secretary)
Lim Sae Min (Treasurer)
An Nur Azhar (Publications/Media Officer)

Ordinary Committee Members

Suhaili Micheline binti Ahmad Kamil
Jack Kek
David Lim
Alla Azura Abal Abas
Lim Siew Ling

WDA Network Representatives

Prof Dr Mohd Anis Md Nor (Research & Documentation)
Bilqis Hijjas (Creation & Presentation)
Leng Poh Gee (Education & Training)
Suhaili Micheline (Support & Development)

Announcement of Annual General Meeting 2012

Dear Members and Former Members,

This is to inform you that the next Annual General Meeting for MyDance Alliance will be held as follows. All members are cordially invited to attend.

If you have any questions about the process of the AGM, nominating someone for a position, or voting for the committee, please contact me at +6017 310 3769 or

Yours Sincerely,

Bilqis Hijjas
MyDance Alliance
A society to support and promote dance in Malaysia
+6017 310 3769

9th MyDance Alliance Annual General Meeting 2012


Time: 5pm

Date: Saturday 8 Sept 2012

Venue: Bilik Seminar 2, Cultural Center, Old Canseleri Building, University of Malaya.

Refreshments will be provided



We need to know how many people are coming! Please confirm your attendance and propose any other agenda items at the AGM via email to the President at or 017 3103769.

Quorum at the AGM has been set at 20 voting members whose annual subscriptions are paid up and who are personally present. Membership can be renewed at the AGM. If no quorum is reached after 30 minutes of the appointed time, the meeting will be adjourned.

Elections for MyDance Committee
Elections for the MyDance Committee 2012-2014 will take place at the AGM. Paid-up non-student members of MyDance Alliance are entitled to vote at the election. Ordinary members and organisational members each have one ballot in the election. Membership can be renewed at the AGM before the election.


If you wish to nominate anyone for a position on the committee of MyDance Alliance please fill out the attached form and return it by Tuesday 4 September. All nominations will be put to the vote of MyDance Alliance members who attend the AGM. Nominees are encouraged to attend the AGM, but names of nominees who cannot attend the AGM can also be submitted for election.


The accounts for the years 2010 and 2011 have been approved by our external auditor. To view the accounts, download them as below.
Many thanks to our Treasurer, Sim Jui Ching, for her excellent accounting and for overseeing the auditing process.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Receive and, if approved, pass the minutes of the 8th AGM (2010).
  2. Receive and, if approved, pass the financial reports for the years ending 31st December 2011 (see attached for abridged reports)
  3. Nominate an auditor.
  4. Reports from various network heads.
  5. Election of new executive committee 2012-2014
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Publications/Media Officer
    6. FIVE ordinary committee members
  6. Appoint network heads
  7. Other matters
    1. Constitutional changes – lifelong membership fees, etc
    2. Malaysian Dance Festival 2013
    3. Introduction to World Dance Alliance & upcoming WDA events
  8. Adjourn.