An Evening of Dance

The Dance Program of Akademi Seni Kebangsaan is inviting you to its first performance of 2003 – An Evening of Dance. It will feature the fruits of 14 weeks of hard labour (or the end of another semester of dance education).

The result of courses taught by the Akademi’s staff – Zhou Gui Xin, Guntik Sabili, Suhaimi Magi, Saidah Rastam, Marion D’ Cruz and Joseph Gonzales, it provides an insight into the eclectic yet in-depth training available at Malaysia’s premier arts institution.

The presentation will include Joget, Zapin, Asli, Bolak-bolak, Igal-igal, Limbai, Chinese Dance from Tibet, Improvisation, Tai Chi, Year One Contemporary Dance, Jazz and a special choreography by Firdaus Mustapha Kamal to an original music composition.

Date/Time: 26 March 2003 @ 8.30 pm

Venue: Mini Auditorium, MTC, Jalam Ampang
(opposite New World Hotel)

Entrance: FREE!!!


The Dance Program’s commitment to the development of Malaysian talent and building up of audiences has led to a few simple, intimate, informative and entertaining evenings of dance such as The Magic of Terinai, Examination Showcase and Plate Dances from Southeast Asia that were presented last year. The Dance Program is committed to staging these simple performances frequently so as to build the confidence and performance technique of these young dancers through experience and exposure.

The ongoing education system has been proven time and time again in recent years with graduates of the dance program featuring prominently in major performances in Malaysia. For example in 2002, A. Aris A. Kadir, Shafirul Azmi Suhaimi, Hoi Cheng Sim, Kamaludin Daud and Azizi Sulaiman appeared in performances such as JAMU 2002, Curfew! and La La Li La Tang Pong 2002.

This performance will show the Dance Program’s commitment to raising standards and producing dancers who are proud of their cultural heritage while possessing the courage and creativity that will hopefully establish these young talents as the future leaders of the arts industry.

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