About Us

Registered in 2001, MyDance Alliance is a young society with a steadily growing membership base.


To bring together a community of dance practitioners and dance enthusiasts that supports and promotes dance in Malaysia.


  • To form a network organisation that links dance enthusiasts locally and internationally.
  • To support and promote the many forms of dance that exist in Malaysia (cultural, traditional, contemporary, ballet or commercial) through the following:
    • education and training
    • performances
    • dance related publications
    • research and documentation of dance
    • dance related conferences
    • engaging in international exchange programmes

MyDance Networks

Based on the WDA Networks model, MyDance Alliance has established five specialised Networks to focus on specific aspects of dance. They are:

  • Education & Training
  • Research & Documentation
  • Creation & Presentation
  • Management & Promotion
  • Welfare & Status

The MyDance Alliance Constitution governs the activities of the society. Download the constitution here: MyDance Constitution [PDF, 134KB]