A Story About Dance…

Formerly a dancer with Dua Space Dance Theatre, Henry Khor has decided to explore the possibilities of contemporary dance through choreography.

In June 2003, after presenting works in Dance Species (a contemporary dance performance series in Penang) and Dance Species 2, he formed a group called Dance Four Five with several young adults who share his love of the performing arts and choreography.

In A Story About Dance…, Henry has brought together his many experiences of dance and turned them into a series of dance pieces. Through his choreography, you will learn about his passion for Dance.

Dates/Time: 28-29 November 2003 @ 8.30pm

Venue: Komtar Level 5, Auditorium A, Penang

Admission: by donation (minimum RM10)

Tan Chin Theng (012-430 7598)
Henry Khor (012-325 2606)
Choy Li Lee (012-560 5336)
Chris (012-213 3641)

Pictures at http://www.geocities.com/dancefourfive/


A Story About Dance…
Dance is a word that rarely exists in a layperson’s dictionary. However to a dance lover, it is something so strong that they can rarely escape it. Nevertheless, their passion and enthusiasm can sometimes conflict with reality factors like family, career and relationships. They have no choice but to sacrifice their interest.

As dance lovers, we do not want to live a life of regret. We strongly believe that with our passion, we can dance anytime and anywhere with no boundaries or restrictions. To us, the dance and our selves have already merged and exist together.


The music starts and the dance begins…

Music: ‘Toss The Feathers’ (The Corrs)
Choreographers: Henry Khor & Louise Yow
Dancers: Henry Khor, Louise Yow & Low Poh Chuan

The Game
Busy, Rushed, Competition, Force, Insults, Tension … These are the games of living in the city. Facing them, do you continue with the game, or escape…?

Music: ‘Raining’ (Movie Soundtrack), ‘Libertango’ (Yo Yo Ma)
Choreographer: Henry Khor
Dancers: Henry Khor, Louise Yow, Lee Yen Tian, Low Poh Chuan, Kho Chin Chin & Wong Si Fon

The Voice of Silence
Being single can be fantasy, giving freedom;
But it can also bring loneliness.

Choreographer: Henry Khor
Dancers: Henry Khor, Khang Tsung Hui & Wong Si Fon
Guest Dancer: Tan Chin Theng
Premiere: Dance Species, Penang

Whisper of Her Heart
A whisper came from her heart…
Do you want to hear…?

Music: Karen Mok
Choreographers: Henry Khor & Khang Tsung Hui
Dancers: Khang Tsung Hui, Louise Yow & Kho Chin Chin

Every search has a process;
Every process has a story…

Music: Galadriel (Annbjorg Lien)
Guest Choreographer: Leng Poh Gee
Co-choreographer: Henry Khor
Dancers: Henry Khor & Louise Yow

A Date
A date, within a dance

Music: Paddy McCarthy (The Corrs), Busindte Reel (Hevia)
Choreographer: Henry Khor
Dancers: Henry Khor, Louise Yow, Lee Yen Tian & Low Poh Chuan
Premiere: Dance Species 2, Penang


Dance Four Five
Dance Four Five takes its name from a team of 4 or 5 people. While an individual’s strength is limited and a couple’s is stronger, a team of 4 or 5 can do wonders. Dance Four Five want to use this wonderful strength to express their love towards dance.

Their aim – to enjoy dancing and choreographing without boundary or restriction. Though wild at times, they are nevertheless real. They hope their sincerity and effort will be recognised in the local performing arts.

Henry Khor, Artistic Director and Choreographer
Penang-born Henry graduated from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak with a BA (Hons) in Design Technology. He is currently an Interactive Designer at a leading Training Consultancy Organization in Kuala Lumpur.

Henry began his dance training with the Penang Hui Yin Seah Dance Group. Trained in ballet and Chinese traditional dance, he also studied modern contemporary dance under Charlie Tan. He has performed in numerous Malaysian Chinese Dance Festivals.

In 1995, he entered the National School Level Dance Competition with his first choreography, ‘Exam Time’. He presented his second choreography, ‘Dance! Life! Love!’, at the first dance performance by Eastern Dancers.

In 2000 Henry joined Dua Space Dance Theatre where he trained under Anthony Meh and Aman Yap. With this company he performed in the ‘New_Generation_Dancers’ performance, the ‘Dance Talk’ arts education/promotion series, the Mines Interactive Square Malaysia Arts Festival weeks as well as the show, ‘Soulless Souls’, in Singapore.

He participated in a number of major dance festivals in Malaysia including ‘The First MyDance Festival 2001’ and the ‘Rhythm of Dance’ Malaysian Chinese Dance Festival.

Recently, Henry decided to further explore the possibilities of contemporary dance by concentrating on choreography. At the end of 2002, he presented ‘The Voice of Silence’ in Dance Species followed by ‘A Date’ in Dance Species 2.

In June 2003 Henry formed Dance Four Five together with a few friends with the same interest and passion for the performing arts.

Henry’s choreography includes: ‘Exam Time’, ‘Wild City’, ‘A Waiting’, ‘Dance! Life! Emotion!’, ‘Quartet = Story’ (in collaboration with Leng Poh Gee, and Teresa Chian Li Kim), ‘The Voice of Silence’ and ‘A Date’.

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