4th German Video Dance Production Award

The German Video Dance Production Award 2003/2004 is a two-part competition sponsored by SK Stiftung Kultur, Kunsthochschule fur Medien, PACT Zollverein and Kunststiftung NRW. It endeavours to support young artists in their efforts to realise a professional video dance production. The intention is to support a production of artistic excellence that is able to compete internationally and to be broadcast over European television networks.

The first part is a competition for camera choreography concepts. An international jury of experts will select 6 concepts from the submitted entries, awarding them a grant of 3100 Euros each to produce a 3-minute pilot video.

In the second part of the competition, the jury will select from the six contending pilot videos, one production concept as the recipient of the German Video Dance Production Award 2003/2004.

The competition is open to professional artists and students of film and art schools, working in the areas of moving images and artistic dance. There are no limitations of age or nationality.

For more information on the competition and terms of application, visit http://www.sk-kultur.de/videotanz/english/vd_price/vtp_e.htm

The application deadline is 1 September 2003

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